Reiki Training

How do you learn Reiki?

Anyone can learn how to channel Reiki energy. One of our teachers, Debi from Rocks n Rituals, has undergone a voluntary registration process to become a registered teacher with The Reiki Guild and has been professionally verified by The Reiki Council. Debi is the first registered teacher in Northern Ireland with The Reiki Guild.

Reiki Training in the West is broken into 3 levels. Level 1 is the foundation level which is your starting point. Whether you wish to practice professionally or not, you need to take this level.  At Reiki Training NI we offer training for personal and professional use. For those wishing to work professionally, additional modules are available from Level 2 onwards to help you meet with the core curriculum guidelines and National Occupational Standards.

Level 1

With Level 1, you learn about the history of Reiki, the principles and philosophy of Reiki, you learn about self-treatment and you learn the hand positions for giving treatments to your friends and family. To read more about the Level 1 course click here.

Level 2

Level 2 deepens your connection and teaches you how to work with the sacred Reiki symbols. You also learn how to channel healing energy across distance and to carry out remote healing sessions. This level is required if you want to work professionally, in combination with the professional practitioner training below, but many people take this training for their own personal and spiritual development too. For those that want to take it for professional reasons, there are additional modules which can be added on to provide the necessary level of practice for professional regulation (see the professional practitioner diploma information below.

Click here for more details about the Level 2 course.

Professional Practitioner Diploma 

This training incorporates 240 hours of training of which a minimum of 65 hours must be in person. The remaining 175 hours is made up of directed learning and self treatment, you are required to keep a log of at least 100 hours of receiving Reiki (either having it given to you or self treatment), plus you must carry out and log 75 sessions.  10 case studies are required as well as a written assessment to achieve your certificate. 28 hours of in person training has already been achieved by taking the Level 1 and 2 Foundation Diplomas. The remaining in person hours will be made up by workshops in Practitioner Skills, Practice Management and Emergency First Aid for Therapists plus the investment also covers Mentorship and Reiki Shares. For more information about taking this training please contact

Level 3A

Level 3 is the Master level. This is soul-level healing and whilst it is pretty important for professional practice and essential for teaching, many people chose to take it for their own spiritual development. Being a Reiki Master is a choice to live by the Reiki philosophy and to BE Reiki. You re taught the Master symbol and learn advanced techniques for healing. This course is more in depth and detailed than Levels 1 and 2. You must have completed both previous levels before you can train as a Reiki Master. Click here for more details about becoming a  Reiki Master.

Level 3B

Master Teacher training is the final stage in your training process and is for those who wish to go on to teach this wonderful healing energy to others. You are taught how to pass attunements and what to include at each level. If you become a member of Reiki Training NI you can also avail of the benefits of using our training materials for your classes. Click here for more details about becoming a Master Teacher.

What on earth are attunements?

Attunements are energetic transmission from one person (the Reiki Master) to another (the Student). These transmissions are called attunements or empowerments or sometimes initiations. They remove blocks in the aura and allow the healing energies that surround you to come in through your crown chakra and flow through your body and out your hands to where they are needed. 

What is a Lineage?

A lineage is the system of Reiki you are practising and the people who have been attuned to it, right back to Mikao Usui. Your teacher should be able to provide you with full details of their lineage and be able to confirm to you that each person in the list has been attuned face to face. There are multiple systems of Reiki - at Reiki Training NI we offer Usui Reiki training and Debi's lineage will be provided to you upon request.

For details of the next available course offered by any of our registered teachers, please visit either Rocks n Rituals' website or contact Ashley at The Broken Quill​

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