Reiki Training NI, Bangor in association with Rocks n Rituals
Subtle Energy - Auras & Chakras
Half-Day Workshop

Learning to tap into this energy and to raise your vibration is wonderfully healing and can help you to really manifest better things in your life.


To start learning about this vibrational energy that everyone has, the first place to look is at the aura. Your aura is your energy field around your body. Within your aura there are energy centres known as chakras. The chakras are responsible for moving energy around your physical and energetic bodies. Imbalances in your energy field can eventually lead to physical ailments.


Would you like to learn more?


Come along to the Auras & Chakras Workshop on DATE TBC in Bangor, County Down, from 9:30am to 1:00pm.


Debi is an experienced Reiki Master Teacher who works with energy in her healing therapies every day. On this half day workshop you will learn all about auras and chakras. Debi will take you on a journey through the chakra system and will show you how to use a pendulum to dowse the chakras and to restore balance where needed.


You will also learn how to look for auras and you will work with colour and energy balls to develop your ability to sense energy and work with your vibrational energy.

You will also discover how to protect your energy and how to cleanse your aura of toxic attachments.

Investment - £35

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