Our Teachers

Debi Barr BA Hons
Reiki Master Teacher, CNHC Regulated,
SNHS Dip, SLS Dip.


Debi Barr is a Reiki Master Teacher, registered with The Reiki Guild UK, who are governed by The Reiki Council, the leading professional body for Reiki in the UK. She is also a professionally verified Reiki Practitioner certified by the Reiki Council and is CNHC registered.  Debi is based in Bangor, County Down.

She is the author of The Reiki Solution, a short book on living by the Reiki Principles in order to invite happiness into your life. She is also an advanced shamanic practitioner and teacher, an intuitive life coach, artist, former radio host, tarot reader and mother. She specialises in Reiki, Shamanism, Crystal Healing, Tarot Readings & Meditation. She is passionate about empowering, educating and inspiring people to take back control of their health in a holistic way so they can regain their spark.


She has turned her own life around by incorporating a daily practice of Reiki and meditation into her routine and she has shared her story on her website in the hope that it may touch you and inspire you to make changes in your own life, so you can be the most authentic version of yourself.

Ashley Wood - GHT
Reiki Master Teacher - UK Reiki Federation Regulated

Ashley Wood is a gifted Reiki Master Teacher based in Lurgan, County Armagh.  A Master Teacher Member of The UK Reiki Federation, one of the leading professional bodies for Reiki in the UK. Also, Ashley is a registered Industry Ambassador for the Northern Ireland Health and Beauty Industry, and an employee engagement officer for various colleges in Ireland.


Owner of the Spiritual Emporium and Gift Shop, The Broken Quill, Ashley runs regular retreats, Reiki classes and much more from his premises in Union Street, Lurgan.

Ashley has studied various modalities of Reiki and believes firmly that Reiki helped him find deeper levels of spiritual peace and wisdom. In addition to being a Reiki Master Teacher, he is a Tarot Reader, Massage Therapist, Master Herbalist, IET Practitioner and Shamanic Practitioner.

For more details about Ashley the services he provides please connect with him via Facebook @The Broken Quill