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The Reiki Solution Membership

The Reiki Solution is a group membership area for Reiki people who want to be engaged and involved in a Reiki community. It is brand new and the live meetings are scheduled to start mid-September 2022.

Essentially it is a membership area where you can access Reiki meditations, information and other tools (more content and exclusive members only meditations will be added each month as we build this into a great Reiki community area). Alongside this you get 2 live group calls each month, live via Zoom on a Monday evening from 7pm. 

There will be a live healing circle and Reiki share on one of these monthly calls with the other being a themed chat and Q&A session where Reiki people can come together to get support and provide help to other members as needed. You don't have to attend the live calls if you don't want to but they will all be recorded and uploaded to the membership area so you won't miss out on anything important.

Private mentoring students get free access to this area but we would also love to welcome you to the community. Let's build a supportive, engaging Reiki community to keep our practice fresh, and where we help each other as we navigate the Reiki path.

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Terms & Conditions

Members can leave at any time by cancelling their regular payment. Access to the membership area and forum will be revoked at the end of the payment period. For example if you pay monthly and decide to cancel half way through the month, you will have access up until the end of the month for which you have paid and then your membership will be cancelled. If you are on the annual plan, you will have access until the year expires.

No refunds are given as you have immediate access to the content upon payment.

You have a price guarantee that your price will not increase for as long as you remain a member on the programme.

The price includes access to the members area and support from the Reiki Master in the group. You also get regular live sessions in a group Zoom format each month. These sessions will usually be fortnightly on Mondays at 7pm but times may vary depending on various factors.

All calls will be recorded and you will have access to view these recordings for at least one month.

Members are asked to be active and to engage in the group. Anyone who is abusive  in any way to either the admins or the members will have their membership immediately cancelled and all access revoked without refund.