Reiki Training NI, Bangor in association with Rocks n Rituals
Second Degree (Level 2) Reiki

Level 2 provides a deeper and more focused connection to Reiki.  It is the same energy you are familiar with as a level 1 practitioner only it is deeper and more focused.


Whereas Level 1 is like a 40 watt bulb, level 2 is like cranking the wattage up to 60 watts. You must already be attuned to Level 1 before you can proceed to Level 2.  You will be introduced to the 3 symbols used in Reiki and you will learn how to perform distance healing.  You will also get guidance on treating others and working as a professional Reiki practitioner.

Level 2 Training usually includes: -

  • A review of Level 1

  • Group meditation work with Reiki

  • Ethics of Treating Others and Using Reiki at Distance

  • The Power Symbol

  • The Harmony Symbol

  • The Connection/Distance Symbol

  • Treating Others as a Professional Therapist

  • 21 Day Healing Process

  • Attunement Process

  • Giving & Receiving Reiki

Please note that content may vary slightly depending on guidance.

For details of the next available course offered by any of our registered teachers, please visit either Rocks n Rituals' website or contact Ashley at The Broken Quill​


Important Note for Professional Practice and those wanting to work professionally with Reiki: -

There is no compulsory regulation at present for professional Reiki practice, however if you wish to attain the highest standards and voluntarily submit to regulation you will need to complete some additional training.

Please note, in accordance with Reiki Council Core Curriculum standards, those wishing to work professionally should take additional modules and provide case studies before receiving their Professional Practitioner Certificate. This information is provided below.

For those wanting to go the extra mile and receive a Professional Practitioner Certificate for use in registering with a professional body, gaining the Reiki Council Professional Practice certificate or regulation with the CNHC, please note these additional requirements: -

You can take 2 additional modules, currently under development by Rocks n Rituals, which are separately payable: - 

Practitioner Skills

Practice Management

You must also provide evidence of 75 treatments, 5 of which must be observed by someone competent in Reiki. Debi from Rocks n Rituals is willing to help you with these observed sessions and this can be discussed at your practitioner training days. Contact us for more information.